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Arthur Sales my model man crush of the moment. And really who couldn’t love this guy? He’s a great model, hasĀ a masculine beauty that is almost scary, he can rock a headscarf and still look like a total bad ass, and has one of those bodies that could only come from Brazil (there really has to be something in the water down there). He’s the new face of Butch’s Spring campaign and I have a feeling we’re about to see a lot more of this guy. Starting off with the two editorials that really made me like him; Easy Rider and Brown Sugar. Then wrapping up with some random shots. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

Easy Rider

Brown Sugar

Random Shots (I prefer him with long hair):


Nicolas and I have been discussing lately that Sean’s body may have started to get a little… just not as sculpted as it once was… but there is no denying that Sean O’Pry has an absolutely epic face and remains one of my absolute favorites. Great photo. Thanks EMM for posting it.
-Andrew J