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I was extremely pleased and surprised by this month’s (April 2010) issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. I can’t remember the last time I flipped through their mag and got so many useful tid-bits from it. Maybe it’s just becuase I’m very much on the spring-bandwagon, or maybe they really stepped up their game on this issue. In any case, I’ve included a few iPhone (excuse the quality) pics of my favorite things from the issue. Enjoy, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
-Andrew J

Hands down my favorite pick from the issue- The Lands End Canvas grey chambray shirt. I already ordered mine this morning ha. I mean come on, it’s $60 for this awesome shirt!

I already have a pair of desert boots, but these Calvin Klein Desert Boots kinda rock. And most people just don’t know how comfortable desert boots really are! (I happen to be wearing mine today)

This piece they did over an “updated college freshman look”. I think many should look to it for inspiration. Please take special notice when they say to throw out the sweat pants in favor of these khaki’s.

Speaking of khaki’s. I’m going to be picking up a pair of these these slim-fitting khaki’s from Gap ASAP. Classic certainly seems to be a big thing for spring… then again, when isn’t it?

Priciest clothing pick from the issue, this Marc by Marc Jacobs polo which goes for $150.

Okay maybe I lied, I’m sure the Lacoste blazer is more than $150, but without a price included… who knows :)? I really need to update my Lacoste polo’s, but I miss the small croc, I don’t like this new big one.

I want to get either the Bulova watch or the Michael Kors one… which do you think?


The Backpack…is Back!

A trend I have been noticing on and off the runway includes the accessory that all of us carried in school but now it has been updated for every stylish gent. I usually call this accessory a backpack but “rucksack” is the trendy term of the moment so I will go with that. The rucksack can be a perfect relationship between form and function, stylish and useful. It’s a perfect compliment for spring too as many designers featured a rucksack in their collection. I suggest pairing a rucksack with a blazer or dressed up look. The pairing of the two extremes (rough & dapper) is an interesting combination.


Burberry Spring 2010

DSquared2 Spring 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

For more on the rucksack check out Valet

Photos via GQ