I started noticing this trend a little while back, but I’m just now getting around to reporting on it. Belts are no longer meant just to be worn through belt loops… no, no, no. I know women have been on this bandwagon for a while, but this is one trend that I am glad to see has jumped the great gender divide. Right now I’m seeing belts everywhere from being laced around suits and blazers, to around the arms of jackets (this one I first saw last spring and displayed it in a photoshoot), to even sandals with “belts” incorporated in unorthodox ways.

Not crazy about the picture haha, but it’s from my Lookbook when I rocked the belt around the arm thing.

The belted blazer is a a HUGE thing right now that I’m really, really loving. Why wasn’t this thought of earlier? Also, this first picture with the sleeveless suit jacket; Amazing!

If the belt IS being worn in the traditional way, they are tending to be major statement pieces and the focus of an outfit. I particularly like the multiple wrap belts right now. And if you haven’t picked up a light brown belt by now… you definitely should. The super skinny belt is another favorite of mine right now.

This guy was on my inspiration board and I just really loved how he tucked his leather jacket in to his jeans and capped it off with a great belt.

The Fashionisto
Sonny Photo



I came across this yesterday on Excellent Male Model and I just had to share. Nicolas and I have talked about this before, but the Asian male magazines really have MUCH better spreads than their American counterparts.
-Andrew J

Model: Malte Paulsen
Source: Excellent Male Model

I got a pair of Ann Demeulemeester Sandals right before it started to get cold and I’m SO ready for it to get warm so I can start wearing them again. That first picture really made me long for them.

Inspiration Board (2)

My tastes seem to change daily but something I always gravitate back to is the idea of simplicity: a simple shirt, jacket, pair of jeans, accessory. When I dress myself I usually take a minimalist approach and pair simple things together. But since it has been cold lately, I have been experimenting with various kinds of layering (as some of my inspirations show). But what is great about these photos is that while they may be simple or easy, they offer something special, some little tweak like a tuck-in of the shirt or roll of the pant. I may be simple but I always like to keep things interesting.


Photos pulled from:
The Sartorialist
The Fashionisto
Sonny Photos
Jak & Jil


I figured what better way to start off a blog about men’s style then to do the first official post (becuase I don’t think of an intro as much more than that… an intro) about personal style and what is currently inspiring me. Below is a collage of some of my favorite things right now with a gallery of images below with all from the collage as well as a few that didn’t make it in (becuase it’s hard to make these things despite the way it may look! Haha).

Right now, I know he’s hyped, but there is something about him that I find very inspirational in his photographs, I really like Baptiste Giabiconi. As evident by the fact he is central in the collage. I’m also in love with the belted trend right now; belts over coats and blazers, this guy who is tucking his leather jacket into his jeans and belting it, that canvas suit that looks like denim with the double brown belt, gah there is just too much.

From the pictures I’m sure you can also tell my flare of glasses I currently like. I’m a self-diagnosed sunglasses whore and I don’t feel bad about it, these in the top right corner are the new Balmain Oliver Peoples and I really need them right now… not kidding. Anywho, that’s my little rant, enjoy!
-Andrew J.


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My name is Andrew Jones and I make up one part of this little team. I’ve had a passion for fashion for years now. I started my own fashion magazine (Fashionably Late) back in 2008 and this past summer began my first daily blog, Me & Marisa, all about personal style. I hope you enjoy what we discuss on here, and please comment and get involved. It’s the conversations about fashion that I love the most, so tell us what you like, what you hate, what inspires you and what you would like to see more of. Enjoy!
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I’m Nicolas Bebout and I am the other half of Mister Homme. Maybe I’m selfish but Men’s fashion needs to have just as much attention as women’s fashion and that’s why I am so excited for this blog! For me, fashion is an escape from the mundane and it has always been something that has excited/fascinated me. Keep coming back to Mister Homme to see our daily moods, thoughts, and tastes as Andrew and I bring you the world of men’s fashion!