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In case you weren’t at the show, or just missed it on here are some favorites of mine, and some trends I picked out. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!!!
-Andrew J
Opening look. Very traditional Calvin.
I was surprised by this suit, it reminded me more of something I would see out of the house of Gucci than CKM.
Calvin Klein seems to be jumping on the printed suit bandwagon as well. There was a white suit with a much… bolder… print, but I couldn’t capture it because it hurt my eyes.
I salivated over the two trenches they showed. Look at them, giving Burberry a run for their money 🙂
This was, in my opinion, the most intersting look that they showed… It was probably genuine leather, but it looked like some form of synthetic. In any case, it looked like a built in scarf on the jacket when it came down the runway… Very odd, but I kinda liked it.
And a suit made out of the mystery material. Also, not sure if you can tell or not, but the pants are TIGHT! Like really tight… like retro-how-did-you-ever-breathe tight.
Beautiful look.
The mystery fabric in black. I like this one.
I want this half quilted leather jacket ASAP. When does this come off the line?
The super high-back-of-neck thing was everywhere in the show. I really, really liked it. It was almost like a 1/2 turtleneck.
And one of Nicolas’s favorites did a very nice job walking (love what he’s wearing too).


Trip to Chicago

I’m off to Chicago for the rest of the week and will be back this weekend. I’m sure Andrew will post some great stuff while I am gone and you can expect a full report of my trip when I return.


Inspiration Board (2)

My tastes seem to change daily but something I always gravitate back to is the idea of simplicity: a simple shirt, jacket, pair of jeans, accessory. When I dress myself I usually take a minimalist approach and pair simple things together. But since it has been cold lately, I have been experimenting with various kinds of layering (as some of my inspirations show). But what is great about these photos is that while they may be simple or easy, they offer something special, some little tweak like a tuck-in of the shirt or roll of the pant. I may be simple but I always like to keep things interesting.


Photos pulled from:
The Sartorialist
The Fashionisto
Sonny Photos
Jak & Jil


Hello gentlemen (and ladies interested in men’s fahion), welcome to Mister Homme, the site that tackles the ever looming topic of men’s fashion being “boring”. Anyone who says that, just is not looking in the right places, and that’s where we come in. Mister Homme focuses on everything that makes up men’s fashion; clothing, accessories, trends, models, you name it we cover it with our own little opinionated spin on things. After all, isn’t that what fashion is about?

My name is Andrew Jones and I make up one part of this little team. I’ve had a passion for fashion for years now. I started my own fashion magazine (Fashionably Late) back in 2008 and this past summer began my first daily blog, Me & Marisa, all about personal style. I hope you enjoy what we discuss on here, and please comment and get involved. It’s the conversations about fashion that I love the most, so tell us what you like, what you hate, what inspires you and what you would like to see more of. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

I’m Nicolas Bebout and I am the other half of Mister Homme. Maybe I’m selfish but Men’s fashion needs to have just as much attention as women’s fashion and that’s why I am so excited for this blog! For me, fashion is an escape from the mundane and it has always been something that has excited/fascinated me. Keep coming back to Mister Homme to see our daily moods, thoughts, and tastes as Andrew and I bring you the world of men’s fashion!