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I was extremely pleased and surprised by this month’s (April 2010) issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. I can’t remember the last time I flipped through their mag and got so many useful tid-bits from it. Maybe it’s just becuase I’m very much on the spring-bandwagon, or maybe they really stepped up their game on this issue. In any case, I’ve included a few iPhone (excuse the quality) pics of my favorite things from the issue. Enjoy, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
-Andrew J

Hands down my favorite pick from the issue- The Lands End Canvas grey chambray shirt. I already ordered mine this morning ha. I mean come on, it’s $60 for this awesome shirt!

I already have a pair of desert boots, but these Calvin Klein Desert Boots kinda rock. And most people just don’t know how comfortable desert boots really are! (I happen to be wearing mine today)

This piece they did over an “updated college freshman look”. I think many should look to it for inspiration. Please take special notice when they say to throw out the sweat pants in favor of these khaki’s.

Speaking of khaki’s. I’m going to be picking up a pair of these these slim-fitting khaki’s from Gap ASAP. Classic certainly seems to be a big thing for spring… then again, when isn’t it?

Priciest clothing pick from the issue, this Marc by Marc Jacobs polo which goes for $150.

Okay maybe I lied, I’m sure the Lacoste blazer is more than $150, but without a price included… who knows :)? I really need to update my Lacoste polo’s, but I miss the small croc, I don’t like this new big one.

I want to get either the Bulova watch or the Michael Kors one… which do you think?


New Kids on the Block

No, I am not referring to the 1980s tween band but rather two guys who have stepped onto the fashion scene and have instantly made an impression. Francisco Lachowski and River Viiperi are two male models who are on the verge of becoming superstars. Lachowski hails from Brazil and Viiperi from Spain. Both guys have been featured in indie magazines, like Hero and Guapo, as well as major magazines like VMan and Vogue Hommes Japan. Both have very different looks and will be growing in popularity as 2010 rolls along.



With a perfect physique and boyish charm, Lachowski has been everywhere. On and off the runway Lachowski has a look that caters to different brands and editorials, helping him land the Dior Homme Fall/Winter ad campaign and runway work with John Galliano, DSquared, Zegna, and Dolce And Gabbana.


While Francisco has boyish charm and a face that can carry many looks, River Viiperi is quite the opposite. I first saw Viiperi awhile back on a fashion blog and instantly knew he was going to be huge. Months later, his distinct eyes, lips, and body have propelled him into the spotlight. A slew of editorials have helped Viiperi get noticed and when he is in the shot, you sit up and take notice.

Photos via The Fashionisto and


I started noticing this trend a little while back, but I’m just now getting around to reporting on it. Belts are no longer meant just to be worn through belt loops… no, no, no. I know women have been on this bandwagon for a while, but this is one trend that I am glad to see has jumped the great gender divide. Right now I’m seeing belts everywhere from being laced around suits and blazers, to around the arms of jackets (this one I first saw last spring and displayed it in a photoshoot), to even sandals with “belts” incorporated in unorthodox ways.

Not crazy about the picture haha, but it’s from my Lookbook when I rocked the belt around the arm thing.

The belted blazer is a a HUGE thing right now that I’m really, really loving. Why wasn’t this thought of earlier? Also, this first picture with the sleeveless suit jacket; Amazing!

If the belt IS being worn in the traditional way, they are tending to be major statement pieces and the focus of an outfit. I particularly like the multiple wrap belts right now. And if you haven’t picked up a light brown belt by now… you definitely should. The super skinny belt is another favorite of mine right now.

This guy was on my inspiration board and I just really loved how he tucked his leather jacket in to his jeans and capped it off with a great belt.

The Fashionisto
Sonny Photo