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On Break…

I apologize for the lack of posts. I am currently on Spring Break and trying to relax before life changing events begin to happen (graduation, looking for a job, real world) but I shall return after break with new posts. Stay Tuned!!


Riviera Club via ACL


Spring Favorite: Dries Van Noten

Words like ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful’ come to mind when describing Dries Van Noten’s Spring 2010 collection. Bold patterns are paired with deep colors to create a casually chic look. Dries always does a phenomenal job of pairing unique patterns with interesting cuts and this spring he is right on point. Knits are loose and stretched, cardigans are more belted than buttoned, and pants are generously cut. This spring, don’t shy away from patterns but rather experiment with mixing them with various colors for a Dries Van Noten inspired look.


Photos via GQ

Cleanliness Is Next To Fordliness

I am a fan of anything Tom Ford does. He keeps things simple, bold, and always sexy. I have been seeing a lot of stylish people wearing these glasses lately and I am in love with them. They are classic sexiness wrapped into a simple black frame, complete with Ford’s signature T displayed on the sides.


Photos via Eye Goodies and The Sartorialist

Spring Favorite: Bottega Veneta

For Spring, Bottega Veneta wants every man to wear pops of color along with neutrals that have a sun drenched look. Shirts have a washed, worn-in look and pants come to the ankle in basic khaki, bold colors, and even a brocade, tie-dyed inspired fabric. The shoes have a twist with a bright sheen and cool colors. These clothes give a luxurious ease that any man can wear. Take a note from Bottega Veneta and try pairing bold colors together, layer light knits, and pair penny loafers with shorts, all for a runway inspired look.


Photos via GQ

The Backpack…is Back!

A trend I have been noticing on and off the runway includes the accessory that all of us carried in school but now it has been updated for every stylish gent. I usually call this accessory a backpack but “rucksack” is the trendy term of the moment so I will go with that. The rucksack can be a perfect relationship between form and function, stylish and useful. It’s a perfect compliment for spring too as many designers featured a rucksack in their collection. I suggest pairing a rucksack with a blazer or dressed up look. The pairing of the two extremes (rough & dapper) is an interesting combination.


Burberry Spring 2010

DSquared2 Spring 2010

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

For more on the rucksack check out Valet

Photos via GQ

Style Obsession: Francesco Cominelli

When you are the assistant editor of Vogue Hommes, photographed by The Sartorialist multiple times, and featured on Jak & Jil, you know you are doing something right. Francesco Cominelli’s style is effortless, chic, simple, interesting, and my current style obsession. He mixes fabrics, styles, and accessories to create an envied look and knows exactly what works, especially the fit of a good blazer. Take style cues from Mr. Cominelli, I know I am!!


Photos via The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil

Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson

I’m back from Chicago but sadly, whenever I saw a stylish gent I didn’t have my camera. But I did purchase some stylish basics that I will post later this week.

Now that Spring advertising campaigns are in full swing, one of my favorites is Tom Ford’s. I always like his simple display of sumptuous clothes but this time there is a twist. The campaign stars Nicholas Hoult and Carolyn Murphy and is reminiscent of the 1960s film The Graduate. Ms. Murphy is playing the older woman as she dotes on the young Hoult. The tan lines recall the character of Mrs. Robinson when she seduces the young Dustin Hoffman for the first time. The styling of the hair and makeup is also ’60s inspired and provides a “devil may care” attitude. The Graduate is a perfect inspiration for Ford who is known for his classic yet sexy designs.