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Arthur Sales my model man crush of the moment. And really who couldn’t love this guy? He’s a great model, has a masculine beauty that is almost scary, he can rock a headscarf and still look like a total bad ass, and has one of those bodies that could only come from Brazil (there really has to be something in the water down there). He’s the new face of Butch’s Spring campaign and I have a feeling we’re about to see a lot more of this guy. Starting off with the two editorials that really made me like him; Easy Rider and Brown Sugar. Then wrapping up with some random shots. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

Easy Rider

Brown Sugar

Random Shots (I prefer him with long hair):



Francisco Lachowski, Oscar Spendrup, Stephan Haurolhm & Tim R shot by Laurent Humbert.

This season’s models with the season’s amazing clothing = Instant classic. Enjoy
Andrew J

Wardrobe in this photo and the one right below are my favorites.
Souce: And Everything Still Moves In Slowmotion


I just saw this short spread and I had to repost it. Diesel is one of my favorite brands, and it isn’t uncommon for me to wear them literally head to toe. I think their clothes are the epitome of relaxed cool and I just can’t get enough. Hope you are having a great day!
-Andrew J

Model: Benjamin Wenke
Source: Excellent Male Model


I sometimes feel extremely out of it when I haven’t heard of some of these models and then all of the sudden a new one pops up with such an incredible look that it blows me away. And just like that, suddenly I have a new favorite model. I’m not necessarily saying that that is what’s going on here, but this guy Stephan Haurholm is really incredible! I saw these pictures of him on Excellent Male Model (without question a favorite blog of mine) and I just had to repost them. Matvey Lykov is also in this shoot, in the last picture, and although he isn’t really a favorite of mine, he ends up in a lot of my favorite editorials. Have a great Friday!
-Andrew J

Model: Stephan Haurholm & Matvey Lykov
Fashion Direction: Tomoki Sukezane
Photographs: Junji Hata
Hair: HIRO
Make-up: Yoboon (Coccina)


Nicolas and I have been discussing lately that Sean’s body may have started to get a little… just not as sculpted as it once was… but there is no denying that Sean O’Pry has an absolutely epic face and remains one of my absolute favorites. Great photo. Thanks EMM for posting it.
-Andrew J

New Kids on the Block

No, I am not referring to the 1980s tween band but rather two guys who have stepped onto the fashion scene and have instantly made an impression. Francisco Lachowski and River Viiperi are two male models who are on the verge of becoming superstars. Lachowski hails from Brazil and Viiperi from Spain. Both guys have been featured in indie magazines, like Hero and Guapo, as well as major magazines like VMan and Vogue Hommes Japan. Both have very different looks and will be growing in popularity as 2010 rolls along.



With a perfect physique and boyish charm, Lachowski has been everywhere. On and off the runway Lachowski has a look that caters to different brands and editorials, helping him land the Dior Homme Fall/Winter ad campaign and runway work with John Galliano, DSquared, Zegna, and Dolce And Gabbana.


While Francisco has boyish charm and a face that can carry many looks, River Viiperi is quite the opposite. I first saw Viiperi awhile back on a fashion blog and instantly knew he was going to be huge. Months later, his distinct eyes, lips, and body have propelled him into the spotlight. A slew of editorials have helped Viiperi get noticed and when he is in the shot, you sit up and take notice.

Photos via The Fashionisto and


I came across this photographer’s website on Sunday and I spent quite a bit of time browsing. The photographer is Joseph Bleu and his photos are amazing. The things he does with lighting, color and almost a gauze look to some of his photos are really beautiful. Matthew Faller really caught my attention; I think it was the eyes. Anyways, I hope to see more of this model soon. Hope you’re having a good day!
-Andrew J