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Arthur Sales my model man crush of the moment. And really who couldn’t love this guy? He’s a great model, has a masculine beauty that is almost scary, he can rock a headscarf and still look like a total bad ass, and has one of those bodies that could only come from Brazil (there really has to be something in the water down there). He’s the new face of Butch’s Spring campaign and I have a feeling we’re about to see a lot more of this guy. Starting off with the two editorials that really made me like him; Easy Rider and Brown Sugar. Then wrapping up with some random shots. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

Easy Rider

Brown Sugar

Random Shots (I prefer him with long hair):



I was extremely pleased and surprised by this month’s (April 2010) issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. I can’t remember the last time I flipped through their mag and got so many useful tid-bits from it. Maybe it’s just becuase I’m very much on the spring-bandwagon, or maybe they really stepped up their game on this issue. In any case, I’ve included a few iPhone (excuse the quality) pics of my favorite things from the issue. Enjoy, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
-Andrew J

Hands down my favorite pick from the issue- The Lands End Canvas grey chambray shirt. I already ordered mine this morning ha. I mean come on, it’s $60 for this awesome shirt!

I already have a pair of desert boots, but these Calvin Klein Desert Boots kinda rock. And most people just don’t know how comfortable desert boots really are! (I happen to be wearing mine today)

This piece they did over an “updated college freshman look”. I think many should look to it for inspiration. Please take special notice when they say to throw out the sweat pants in favor of these khaki’s.

Speaking of khaki’s. I’m going to be picking up a pair of these these slim-fitting khaki’s from Gap ASAP. Classic certainly seems to be a big thing for spring… then again, when isn’t it?

Priciest clothing pick from the issue, this Marc by Marc Jacobs polo which goes for $150.

Okay maybe I lied, I’m sure the Lacoste blazer is more than $150, but without a price included… who knows :)? I really need to update my Lacoste polo’s, but I miss the small croc, I don’t like this new big one.

I want to get either the Bulova watch or the Michael Kors one… which do you think?


Hello readers, so sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately, things have been crazy with work, personal stuff, and travel. But for simplicity sake I’ll blame travel as the major culprit in my lack of recent blog posts. Last Wednesday I went to Los Angeles for a photoshoot and was in LA until Sunday. I had an absolutely AMAZING time and got some really great pictures out of it (which I shall post below). I won’t give you a total recap of the trip, but if you want to see other pictures from the trip, check out my other blog Me & Marisa because I have a breakdown there.

I shot with two photographers at the same time, Ovier Alvarez and Michael Anthony and I’ve only received a few of the shots from the shoot so far, but here they are. Hope you have had a great week. Enjoy!
-Andrew J


Francisco Lachowski, Oscar Spendrup, Stephan Haurolhm & Tim R shot by Laurent Humbert.

This season’s models with the season’s amazing clothing = Instant classic. Enjoy
Andrew J

Wardrobe in this photo and the one right below are my favorites.
Souce: And Everything Still Moves In Slowmotion


I just saw this short spread and I had to repost it. Diesel is one of my favorite brands, and it isn’t uncommon for me to wear them literally head to toe. I think their clothes are the epitome of relaxed cool and I just can’t get enough. Hope you are having a great day!
-Andrew J

Model: Benjamin Wenke
Source: Excellent Male Model


In case you weren’t at the show, or just missed it on here are some favorites of mine, and some trends I picked out. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!!!
-Andrew J
Opening look. Very traditional Calvin.
I was surprised by this suit, it reminded me more of something I would see out of the house of Gucci than CKM.
Calvin Klein seems to be jumping on the printed suit bandwagon as well. There was a white suit with a much… bolder… print, but I couldn’t capture it because it hurt my eyes.
I salivated over the two trenches they showed. Look at them, giving Burberry a run for their money 🙂
This was, in my opinion, the most intersting look that they showed… It was probably genuine leather, but it looked like some form of synthetic. In any case, it looked like a built in scarf on the jacket when it came down the runway… Very odd, but I kinda liked it.
And a suit made out of the mystery material. Also, not sure if you can tell or not, but the pants are TIGHT! Like really tight… like retro-how-did-you-ever-breathe tight.
Beautiful look.
The mystery fabric in black. I like this one.
I want this half quilted leather jacket ASAP. When does this come off the line?
The super high-back-of-neck thing was everywhere in the show. I really, really liked it. It was almost like a 1/2 turtleneck.
And one of Nicolas’s favorites did a very nice job walking (love what he’s wearing too).


I sometimes feel extremely out of it when I haven’t heard of some of these models and then all of the sudden a new one pops up with such an incredible look that it blows me away. And just like that, suddenly I have a new favorite model. I’m not necessarily saying that that is what’s going on here, but this guy Stephan Haurholm is really incredible! I saw these pictures of him on Excellent Male Model (without question a favorite blog of mine) and I just had to repost them. Matvey Lykov is also in this shoot, in the last picture, and although he isn’t really a favorite of mine, he ends up in a lot of my favorite editorials. Have a great Friday!
-Andrew J

Model: Stephan Haurholm & Matvey Lykov
Fashion Direction: Tomoki Sukezane
Photographs: Junji Hata
Hair: HIRO
Make-up: Yoboon (Coccina)